Our Services and Fees



What Services We Offer

Social support

Facilitating interpersonal assistance within your home or a community setting to enhance your social support networks.


Transporting you, either using our support worker's vehicle or your preferred transportation.

Community activities and outings

Accompanying you to your personally selected activities, day trips, encompassing both social and community-oriented events.


Assisting your with your shopping by either accompanying your to the store or help you with online shopping.

Help with Employment and Education

Assist access to, and maintain your employment or higher education.


Training for your computer, tablet and mobile phone needs.

Personal administration

Support you with personal administration, for example, organisation of your reminders and appointments, assist with calling support services, such as the NDIS or Services Victoria.

Sports and exercise

Supporting your to engage engaging in sports and fitness activities,

Driver Training

Learn about cars, learn to drive, learn the road rules, learn care for your car and learn where to purchase items to maintain your car.  We also train drivers who require modified vehicles.


We perform light household chores, including dusting, vacuuming, sweeping and washing floors and toilet cleaning or we can arrange our professional cleaners to provide services based on your needs.


Provide light gardening services, such as planting, watering, light weeding or we can arrange our professional gardeners to provide services based on your needs.

Meal preparation

Help you with meal preparation, excluding the preparation of meals if you have specific swallowing or chewing requirements, or intricate dietary needs.

Meal delivery

Delivery of pre-prepared meals and will offer to put it in the fridge, check the fridge contents for out of date items (which we will dispose of) and offer a friendly chat to ensure all is well.

Assistance with eating

If you have Dysphagia (swallowing or chewing difficulties), we can assist you to eat and drink using the correct feeding techniques for pre-prepared food (e.g. diced, minced food or thickened drinks).
Support Workers providing this service must hold relevant certification to provide this service.

Showering, dressing & grooming

Provide assistance with showering, bathing, aiding in dressing, and help with your grooming.

Manual transfer and mobility

Offering physical aid for standing, sitting, or repositioning, utilising lifting equipment with due safety precautions.


Provide assistance and/or supervision using a toilet or manage your incontinence aids.

Assist with medication        

This is limited to:
Ensuring that the name on the medication label is that of the client (name, date of birth written on the label if provided).
Assist client to pop out correct dose of tablets, liquid medications into medication cup.
Administering injections and pre-filling Pill organisers cannot be provided by Support Workers unless the Support Worker holds relevant certification to provide this service.

Home maintenance

Performing minor repairs in homes such as changing light bulbs, replacing batteries in smoke detectors that do not need a qualified tradesman.

Please note: We can help assess your specific needs and what you are funded for based on your NDIS Plan and Goals.  

Free meet and greet
We offer a free of charge meet and greet to ensure we are a great match for you.

If you need any of our services let us know by clicking here or call us on 0493 734 177 to help us support you to achieve your goals.

Our Fees

tisw.net charges the allowable NDIS rates as per the NDIS rules published here: https://ndis.gov.au/providers/pricing-arrangements.

Our aim is to be transparent in our fees and provide you with the best service possible to support you to achieve your goals.